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Darwin Aldrich (father)

Lawrence Lee Aldrich

May 6, 1968
Age 21

On May 6, 1968 Infantryman Lawrence Lee Aldrich was on a "search and destroy" mission in the Phu My District of Binh Dinh Province, South Vietnam. During a friendly air strike directed at hostile enemy forces, a 750 pound bomb fell 300 meters short of the intended target and impacted his location. His platoon and the rest of B Company searched the area after the fire-fight. The body of Lawrence Lee Aldrich has never been recovered.

The following letter was written to the father of Lawrence Lee Aldrich by Robert C. Fox who himself became KIA on 5 December 1968.

APO San Francisco 96250

Mr. Darwin F. Aldrich
Ft. Worth, Texas
Dear Mr.Aldrich:
This is in reply to your letter of 8 October 1968 concerning your late son, Specialist Four Lawrence L. Aldrich, US 54 441 671.

On 6 May 1968, Lawrence's unit came into heavy contact with an estimated North Vietnamese Army Company. Lawrence's unit formed a defensive perimeter and an air strike was called for. The target for the sir strike was marked at 300 meters west of the friendly lines. The first pass was made and the bomb fell 300 meters east of the marked site directly on the friendly perimeter. Lawrence was last seen in an M-60 Machine Gun position directly in the impact area of the bomb by three other members of his platoon. A through search of the area was made, however, it failed to produce anything other than a severely damaged M-60 Machine Gun.

A board of inquiry reviewed these circumstances an determined that Lawrence had been killed in action by the bomb explosion. I assure you the determination was made only after complete and careful evaluation of all evidence surrounding the incident.

On behalf of the officers and men of the 173d Airborne Brigade I wish to again extend to you our most sincere sympathy in your bereavement. If I may be of any further assistance to you in the future please do not hesitate to write to me.


Captain, Infantry

Robert W. Beemer
"B" Co., 2nd Bn., 503rd Infantry
173d Airborne Brigade (Sep.)



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